This one of our projects that we named “pigs for empowerment project” (PEP) which was aimed at generating an income to help us cover some bills at the orphanage without begging for funds all the time. It’s moving on well and I believe that with in a period of four months, we shall be in position to start getting funds out of it that will help us buy food at the children’s home and also run some activities of the organization ( Samaritan Hearts Foundation – Shefo)
I therefore want to thank whoever made a contribution towards the existence of this project and we still welcome more donations since our animals have to eat that requires $100 per months and we still need more piglets since we have enough space to accommodate them.
I also think it would be better for those who are sponsoring children with us to buy a piglet for their foster children and we keep them at our farm since it can be a good source of income that can cater for their other needs in the near future.
You can message me or our American ambassador, Rebekah McMurray Loper for directions on how and where to donate.