I great you all in the name of the almighty father in heaven and with much honor, I thank God for the gift of life that He has blessed us with. I as well pray for whoever is going through any sort of hardships with belief that our heavenly father will intervene because no situation is hard for Him to handle. However, my post today is quite different from the usual ones though still about the foundation and orphanage I’m running back here in Uganda/Africa. We by God’s grace managed to acquire a small piece of land with the help of an American family whose identity will remain anonymous due to some reasons. We currently are housing 30 children and taking care of 70 others from outside due to lack of enough space and resources. Our wish is to see that all these children are housed and taken good care of by We (Samaritan Hearts Foundation – Shefo) which is quite an issue at the moment because we are still renting the house where they live and the space is limited. We therefore are looking forward to finding ways of starting on the construction process of our own home on the land that we already have. This can only be achieved with help from you people just the way it has been right from day one and the very way we managed to acquire the land. We need a minimum of $30,000 to build a home that can accommodate all our 100 children and we believe that with your help, God will make this happen. We therefore request you to stand with us in prayer upon the above cause as we believe God for an intervention. God bless you all.